Saturday, December 27, 2008


Three MTT wins in as many days :)

Can't remember too much, played on xmas eve due to the overlays...played in about 12 tournos on stars and two on yahoo, and two on party poker.

One on stars i was staked into on the blondeforum, and managed to cash for $95ish, managed a couple of small cashes in stars, and also again in the $11r, for the third time in as many attempts

Lost a sick pot in the $3r with a flopped flush, all in on flop to just a pair! running 4s gave him a full house! However, the yahoo torno made up for it, i won 99 V QQ blind on blind with 4 left :) Only like 60 runners but was a 45e buyin, i think thats around £42, or 65USD?? Not much to report on it except players are donkeys on there

Also took down a $6 on pp with 290 odd people, managed to lose a big pot AK V AQ just before the FT, but pulled it back together, even offeredthe guy heads up a deal, i had like 65% of chips and he said 50-50 so i refused, and smashed him the hand after loooooooooool

Today after the villa arsenal game, i shot up some tornos again, a $1r and $6r on PP, 3k, and 10k gtds respectively, and also the same $6 i won two nights ago, but with 300 more players, several on stars, 4 tornos on FTP (managed one cash in one of the doubles) - lost AA V TT in A near the bubble, and in B i lost KJ (me) V JT blind on blind battle. Sigh.

However i was running good in the $11r, and $11 f/o on stars, but yet agai managed to get screwed around the bubble of the $11r...but scraped through to get paid in that, and lost a big flip AK V QQ in the $11 deepish.

Had huge stcks in the $1r, $6r, and the same $6 freezeout i won. The $1r, cant remember if i got paid or not but lost AK V AJ to cripple me in that, and the $6 freezeout, with about 25 of the 550 left i ran Ks into As, fml

However the $10k gtd was a different story, first hand, i had 99 and raced against AQ and AQ, and held, to go to 18k after one hand at like 10/20 blinds lmao. Ran into some donks from here and had AK holding up V various aces EVERY time (wtf??) from the 592 entrants down to the pay out positions. Also had a guy called "sarfend" on my table with the SUFC logo - when i kncked him out i put WE HATE SOUTHEDN, lol jokes

However down to 3 tables i pulled off a good move (IMHO LOL), mid pos AT ssooooooted i raise it up (im 2nd out of 30 in chips), guy who is the leader calls behind on the button in position, and the bb shoves 90k, wen i held a 450k stack at 8k 4k blinds, so i reshove, button time bnks it saying JJ in chat, and the board comes..


He slowly tilted off calling someone off with AK on Qxxxx board, and then the same thing the hand after when i had JJ on JXXXX board, and he called me off with ace high again lmao.

Then with two tables left, i won two flips, and then got unlucky losing AK V A5, and then the final table bubble AK to AJ, so i entered the final table in about 7/10 when I was 2/10 with 12 left.

2 guys bust early, and i chippe along buying some blinds. Not action until 6 left, i double, and then a HUGE hold v the chip leader with 5 left TT V KQ :). I then knocked him out with aces v k7, and another guy bust, and with 3 left had 3M to both of theirs 1.6M. I then had AK/AQ 4 out o about 7 hands, and took it up to about 4M with them both on 1M at 80k 40k lol. One other busted and it was heads up my 4M to his 2M, he kept giving me continious walks, and i wanted to deal to ensure i got over $2k, was there was like a $1k difference between 1st and 2nd, but u cant for rebuys apparently. I then picked up aces, min raised, he shoved with 5s, and i held FTW WIIIIII!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Put in 100e onto yahoo poker on the boss network in an attempt to qualify for the 1kE event, and then realised the only decent satellites were 55E rebuys. fuck that.

Ended up playing 25e rebuy, and a 22e freezeout, and 1e rebuy, after winning a small heads up to fund it.

came 12th out of 208 in the 25E rebuy. Internet went down with 13 left n blinds were crazy, tilted me

and came 18th out of 500+ in the 1r. sigh

Had a small go last night, not much to note, had 40k stack 2/100 left from 850 starting in a 26usd on FTP, top 90 paid, managed to come 94th. WP ME

Friday, December 5, 2008


Had a small session last night, of about $250 worth of tournos, the most expensive being the $55 and $22 1R1A on stars...had a decent stack with over half the field gone in the $221r1a and then threw it away, and in the $55 ran JJ into AK and KK, when i had 10 bbs, and was all between the button, sb, and bb!

However, i went deep in two tournos, managing a 9th out of over 2500 entrants in the $5.50 on stars, and a 2nd out of 460 odd in the $11 knockout on FTP, with 5 knockouts weee. Heads up was frutrating as ran ATdd into AJ with the board coming KXTXQ, and then hand after AQ V 33 with the board coming QXK3X. Sigh.

Finished about $375 up though...will play next on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Ain't played much poker recently. Been busy at work and got a couple of exams.

Managed to pick up a couple of scores which left me with $2k profit on party poker in those buy 1 get 1 free offers last month.

Also managed to win a bet, a 5er on pab at 125! Will deposit $600 on stars, and $400 on party poker, and maybe a small amount on full tilt for over xmas, with these winnings ive had.

Maybe also, ill be allowed to play in the blogger qualifiers on stars which are coming up!

Friday, August 8, 2008


So, been a while, had no laptop..Me and Henry lost 500 USD, leaving us with 1600. We have got 600 on cake (with rakeback), and i cashed out 570 which i put onto interpoker, and henry has similar on another site for himsel, which he has mostly cashed out.

Had a bad run. Deposited 300 on stars, which i lost very quick. Then went round moormans and he staked me into 400usd of tornos, including the sunday mill, which i got 3 outtered on, all in on turn, 3 outter river. Nice. Went deep in one, managed 12th, in a 3000 player 55 FO. 22k FTW dfgdfghdfgfikl;a, was 2 out of 20 too.

I also put 300 on FTP, and had this win below, been well deserved, had many deep finishes wih like 50 dollar payouts as I lose every flip after the bubble. That was good for 1.2k, which i have cashed out, and got 250usd left on there. Had a few other FT bubbles recently, so im playing better but keep getting annoyed with myself for not making more. From the staking, i ended up 300 up, after sending the rake back and taking 50 perecent, which i cashed out after going up and down with the balance (many badbeats which i cant be bothered to find and post)

So now got just under 250 on tilt, and 300 each on cake. Wanted to cash the rest off tilt but 1200 was my max withdrawal as i bubbled two FT yesterday and has tilted me majorly. LOL.

So in total, i have deposited 710USD and cashed out 2100USD approximately, plus 600 between me and henry on cake, and 250 on tilt.

Monday, June 23, 2008


didnt play much over weekend as net is fucked, but just now played 6 or 7 tornos and this happens 82 72 57 72 45 28 24 81.62 52.10

plus qq v aq, but couldnt get hand history as table collapsed i think. numbers r percent fav i am to win so i should be winning 4 OR 5 of them on probability but being how good i run i win 0

balance 1250 ftp 170 PP

my mate freerolled into the 250K on ipoker though and came 75th for 500 despite losing QQ V 66 on bubble.

Plus his roll we have a total of 2100ish! 8K to gooooooooooooo